If you’re interested in collecting data for your business or personal use, web scraping technology may be just the solution you’re looking for. Oftentimes people resort to manual copying and pasting to download data from a web site. This is obviously a laborious way of going about collecting data.

Give us your target websites and data elements you have in mind, we will provide you with custom-made scraping data sets according to your needs.
In addition, we can filter, verify, and integrate data as per requested.
The final data format can be the following: CSV、JSON、XML、ACCESS、SQLITE、MSSQL、MYSQL, etc. (Including pic or pdf document) .


There are many processes done via the internet that would be better automated. For example logging into your advertising account daily to check revenue. If you have a process you want automated then please contact us at once.

Web App

Would you like a web application that uses data scraped automatically from other websites?

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